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About Us


For the uninitiated, Mookata is a Thai Barbeque Steamboat (perfect marriage between these two), that has been firing up in Singapore during the recent years.

“Mookata” loosely translates “Moo” as Thai Pork and “Kata” as Skillet. It originated from Northern Thailand.

SIAM SQUARE MOOKATA (SSM) is considered one of the few pioneers MOOKATA Restaurant in Singapore. Our main outlet at Havelock Road opened its door on June 21 2013 and it has since expanded to other outlets within a few months such as Woodlands, Jurong Gateway and at Eunos Crescent respectively.

Please be informed at different outlets, there are different operating hours, so it’s best to call to check to avoid disappointment.

At SSM, we serve authentic Thai Mookata and we have many reasons as to why we STAND OUT from other Mookata. We serve ONLY the BEST and ALL our ingredients are freshly bought and replenished daily to maintain the freshness.
We also prepare all the ingredients including cutting, marinating and brewing of our soup daily.

Another BIG SELLING POINT at SSM is our special SECRET RECIPE Chilli Sauce. We have 3 levels of spiciness for our Chilli Sauce to cater to different spice tolerances. Our prices are also very reasonable and affordable, priced between S$1.80 to S$2.80 and Buffet at S$29.00 per person.

Our Business Motto is that we treat each and every CUSTOMER like our friends or even family members and make them feel at home while eating at our Restaurant. It was this kind of feelings that we have transpired, that many customers became our regulars that come very often and some even almost every day. We even have some Customers whom don’t mind that we had yet to clear the tables, they are willing to sit first, just to secure a table.

It’s casual fun to bond with family and friends while sharing a Mookata Pot at SSM. Like many Singaporeans can relate to: “WE CONNECT OVER FOOD!”

Hence we believe strongly in “WORD OF MOUTH” as our success story besides the above that enables us to open 4 more outlets only within a few months. Every night, almost all of our outlets are running full house and it’s worsened over weekends. So it’s better to do reservations so as to avoid disappointment. We even have local celebrities coming by to try our Mookata and they told us that there are many good reviews on our Restaurant and it was their friends who strongly recommended them to come by. We enclosed herewith some photos taken with the celebrities to testify our success and popularity.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our Customers, be it regulars or non-regulars that came by to eat at our Restaurant before and hope to have your continuous and kind support. Please do let us have your feedbacks, comments or even critics be it good or bad so that we can improve to serve you BETTER. At SSM, we will always put our CUSTOMERS FIRST and try ways and means to improvise on our food and also introduce new items.

Thank you to ALL!

From The Management & Staffs of SIAM SQUARE MOOKATA